Significance of Symptoms

A positive patient experience.

25% of patients don’t seek varicose vein treatment over fear of pain.8

Offer your patients a virtually pain-free experience with only 1.7% of patients reporting injection site pain in one published clinical trial.8 Varithena® uses 1–2 needle sticks per treatment and takes only about 10 minutes to administer. It’s approved for use in the broadest range of anatomies.

Significance of symptoms: Why patients choose treatment

  • Studies show that the general public largely perceives varicose veins as a cosmetic rather than a medical issue—and that nonspecialist physicians consider varicose vein symptoms to be minor 9-10
  • Research also shows that patients elect varicose vein treatment solely or primarily for symptom relief, and only secondarily for cosmetic reasons 4-6

Varithena® studies focused on symptom relief

In clinical trials for Varithena®, the primary endpoint was improvement in varicose vein symptoms.* Clinical trial efficacy measures also included improvement in varicose vein appearance and physiological response to treatment.
  • To measure symptom relief, the VVSymQ® instrument was developed and thoroughly tested by BTG for reliability, sensitivity, and content validity, in accordance with FDA guidelines for the development of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) tools.8 It is the first and only varicose vein symptom PRO tool to meet these requirements.
  • Using the VVSymQ® electronic daily diary, study patients rated the severity of the 5 most relevant varicose vein symptoms (HASTI™ Symptoms):
    • Heaviness
    • Achiness
    • Swelling
    • Throbbing
    • Itching

*Primary endpoint: Improvement in symptoms as measured by change in VVSymQ® Score from baseline to Week 8.


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