Varithena® Medical Grade Foam

A Microfoam UDSS procedure for consistent performance and reliable results1,2

Microfoam-generating Technology

Mechanism of action


Patented technology produces cohesive, low-nitrogen microfoam3

  • Proprietary microfoam-generating device
  • O2:CO2 (65:35) gas mixture with <0.8% nitrogen
  • Reliably small bubbles (median diameter <100 µm; all ≤500 µm)

Cohesive microfoam fills lumen for circumferential contact3

  • Varithena® is designed to:
    • Displace blood
    • Destroy endothelial lining efficiently

Microfoam achieves endothelial destruction with very low polidocanol concentration

  • 1:7 ratio of liquid:gas phases
    • 1% polidocanol solution
    • O2:CO2 (65:35) gas mixture
  • 0.13% polidocanol (1.3 mg polidocanol delivered per mL microfoam)

Small, low-nitrogen residual bubbles are rapidly absorbed3

  • CO2 goes into solution
  • O2 attaches to deoxygenated hemoglobin

Varithena® vs physician-compounded foam*

Varithena®: Reliably cohesive microfoam

         Varithena® microfoam                      Physician-compounded foam

Varithena®: Small, low-nitrogen bubbles



Compared to physician-compounded foam (below)

PCF-LM-4a-bubbles-resized.jpg*All images compare foams within approximately 10 seconds of creation.
Photos of physician-compounded foam feature examples of manually created foam made 1:4 with 1% polidocanol solution and room air, Tessari technique.7 
Because of varying conditions and techniques, properties of physician-compounded  foams may vary.
Photos by RSSL (Reading Scientific Services Ltd, UK)

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